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Your body has 639 muscles. Why not use all of them?

Invest 20 minutes a day in The Skeletal Workout to realign your body. You will transform how your muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spine and joints feel and perform.
Whether your goal is performance, weight loss, tone, shape or pain relief, this approach will make the difference you’ve been looking for.

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10 Week introductory program

10 Week Introduction to TIE

10 week program

Our 10 Week Intro to TIE Program gives you and your body the time you need to deeply realign so you achieve great posture, body shape and definition. You will learn Dell-Maree’s unique Skeletal Workout and our 10 Week Program covers the 10 Foundation Postures of TIE. This is the perfect program for overcoming all of your aches, pains and injuries. You will finish this program with a deeply balanced musculoskeletal system and 639 muscles working for you. You’ll feel and see the difference in every part of your body and every part of your day. After completing your program you will be able to join Monthly Membership and continue to work with Dell-Maree to benefit your body, mind and spirit.

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Monthly Membership (Incl. 1 Month Intro to TIE)

per month

If you would like to start TIE with a one month program we are excited to launch our Monthly Membership including our new One Month Intro to TIE. In your first month you will learn The Skeletal Workout in 5 Foundation Postures. You will notice big changes in your posture, body shape and definition and you will be overcoming your aches, pains and injuries. You will be ready for even more results as part of our Ongoing Monthly Membership Program. You will join others who have completed our Intro to TIE Programs and you will be able to focus on your personal goals using your dashboard and doing ZOOM classes with Dell-Maree and other TIE enthusiasts. There really is no limit to how good you will look and feel as you work with the amazing design of your body. Achieve your deeply balanced body and vibrant health today and into the future.

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