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What is The Invisible Exercise? TIE

The Invisible Exercise realigns your body in one  simple workout, The Skeletal Workout.  This workout achieves great skeletal alignment and that means beautiful posture and 639 activated muscles. 

The Invisible Exercise was developed by visionary teacher Dell-Maree Day, who recognised that our 639 muscles, 4000 tendons, 900 ligaments, 23 spinal discs, cartilage and connective tissue had two things in common.  Firstly, they all attach to the skeleton and secondly, they can all be improved simultaneously by working from the skeleton.  

That is how Dell-Maree developed this revolutionary skeleton-focused workout.  Little did she know where this would take her, but 20 years on she brings to the fitness, rehab and well-being market the most direct path to your best posture, body shape, tone and performance.

The Skeletal Workout is done in simple, highly effective postures with minimal movement, hence the name “The Invisible Exercise”.

Understand your body

Poor skeletal alignment, ’poor posture’, prevents our muscles and soft tissue working correctly causing aches, pains, injuries, restrictions, tensions and imbalances. 

Our muscles fire correctly in superfast precise sequences when our bones are in the correct anatomical position.   

So TIE is simple.  Realign your body so your muscles have the correct foundation to attach to and work from.  Muscles that fire correctly for you change your body and your life.

Your best body begins with The Skeletal Workout and The Invisible Exercise program shows you how. 

Your best body begins with your bones

The Skeletal Workout underpins TIE. This unique workout realigns your 206 bones simultaneously, transforming your skeletal alignment.  This is the direct path to your best posture, muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, cartilage, connective tissue and joints.      

Going straight to your bones via The Skeletal Workout, following your online program and Dell-Maree’s ZOOM classes, is the missing link to your lasting deeply balanced and toned body.  

What it’s not:

TIE isn’t about jumping up and down.  But you will gain muscle balance, tone, and definition that will astound you.

TIE isn’t high impact.  In fact, TIE is no impact.  Transforming your body before you move means the results for your body are remarkable.

TIE isn’t like any other program or method.  TIE  is unique. There is no other program like it.  

TIE isn’t about equipment or machines. TIE uses no machines or equipment taking the stress and risk out of your body and exercise. 

TIE isn’t a meditation program. TIE is a deep, intense workout leaving you composed and connected with the amazing design of your body. 

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