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What is The Invisible Exercise?

Welcome to a revolution in safe and effective exercise.

TIE was developed by visionary teacher and biomechanics pioneer Dell-Maree Day to enable every person to move their body as nature intended. It’s a whole new approach to training yourself to use every single one of the 639 muscles inside you.

For all sorts of reasons, a lot of those muscles don’t get used much, if at all. Even when you’re exercising daily, your body is still relying on 9 or 10 larger, dominant muscles instead of drawing on the strength and stability you could be getting from all of them.

It’s like your body is a car engine running on only one cylinder. That single cylinder is doing all the work and the engine will be wasting a lot of fuel those other cylinders should be burning. And that engine is a ticking time bomb too – it won’t be long before the whole thing breaks down.


Believe in your body

Imagine how your movement could change if you took full advantage of all the muscles you were born with.

Breathing, talking, sitting, standing, walking, running, turning, lifting – each one of your 639 muscles are there to make those things happen. They can deliver the power to perform every movement, simple or complex, conscious or subconscious, with maximum efficiency and minimum risk.

TIE is all about helping every muscle in your body rediscover and perform its true function and purpose. All it takes is a 20 minute daily investment in triggering those dormant muscles. They just need a wake-up call, a reminder of what they’re really there for.

So as you’re going about the business of living – chopping vegetables, playing basketball, cycling, carrying kids or walking the dog – you’ll be doing it with more energy, more efficiency and less strain on your body.

Learn more about Dell-Maree Day and how she developed TIE.


What it’s not

TIE isn’t a weight-loss program. But you can expect to change your body shape and tone up those trouble spots as you activate sleepy muscles and stop relying on overactive ones.

TIE isn’t high impact or high intensity. You’ll be amazed how little you need to move when you’re performing movements on our simple-to-follow training videos. But the results for your body are remarkable. You’ll notice significant changes in how you feel and look within just a few weeks.

TIE isn’t like yoga or pilates. Both of these practices can build strength and flexibility. But they’re not designed to maximise the efficiency and recruitment of all your muscles at once. By practising TIE you’re working with your body’s natural design and abilities, making it one of the safest ways you can exercise. And by working on your entire body during your daily 20 minute practice, you’ll get much faster results too.

TIE isn’t a meditation program. But you can expect to become more aware of your body, as you practice TIE and move through your day. This will make it easier for you to feel more present in the moment, stay focussed when you need to and calm a busy mind.

Learn more about what you get from TIE.



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