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What is The Invisible Exercise?

Welcome to a new way to work with your amazing body.

TIE was developed by visionary teacher Dell-Maree Day to ensure every one of your 639 muscles work for you so you move well, feel well and look amazing.

For all sorts of reasons a lot of your muscles don’t work well, if at all. Even when you’re exercising daily, your body is still relying on some, but not all of your muscles. As a result hundreds of muscles lay dormant leaving you feeling less than fantastic throughout your day.

It’s like your body is a car where the engine is running poorly. It can be clunky to drive and expensive  to keep on the road.  Before long the whole thing breaks down.


Believe in your body

Imagine how every part of your day could change if you took full advantage of all the muscles you were born with.

Breathing, sitting, standing, walking, climbing the stairs, running, turning, lifting – each one of your 639 muscles are there to make those things happen. They can deliver the power to perform every movement, simple or complex, conscious or subconscious, with maximum efficiency and minimum risk.

This is the TIE difference. 

TIE is all about ensuring every muscle in your body rediscovers and performs its true function and purpose. All it takes is a 20 minute daily investment – a wake-up call, a reminder for your muscles of what they’re really there for.

Your muscles quickly resume working for you and for each other. As a result, everything you do, at work, home or play, is transformed. Your body becomes the latest smart car – smooth, efficient, quiet and powerful – so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Learn more about Dell-Maree Day and how she developed TIE.


What it’s not

TIE isn’t about jumping up and down . But you will gain strength and fitness that will astound you – expect to change your body shape and tone up those trouble spots as you activate sleepy muscles and stop relying on overactive ones.

TIE isn’t high impact . In fact, TIE is no impact. Safe, effective and strengthening for all ages and fitness levels. The results for your body are remarkable.

TIE isn’t like any other program or method. TIE reaches 639 muscles simultaneously via simple postures everyone and anyone can do, making it one of the safest ways you can exercise.

TIE isn’t about equipment or machines. TIE uses no machines or equipment taking the stress and risk out of exercise.

TIE isn’t a meditation program. TIE is the quiet workout leaving you perfectly calm, strengthened and deeply energised for your entire day.

Learn more about what you get from TIE.




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