What you get from TIE

Benefits that last a lifetime

TIE isn’t a regime or a discipline that takes hours each week to maintain.  Transforming your body before you move is logical, safe and powerful exercise.  Just like rebooting a computer.  Realigning with The Skeletal Workout reboots your muscles  and sets you up for real body success.  It is the perfect way to balance and improve all of you as you take on life’s challenges.

People have come to TIE  seeking pain-relief or a way to improve their bodies.


They get the results they want, with extra benefits including: 


1.     A targeted calm approach to exercise


2.    Relief and recovery from chronic pain or injury


3.     Improved posture, body shape and definition


4.     Healthy spine and joints


5.     True muscle balance and harmony


6.     Better results from exercise with less stress and risk


7.     A relaxed agile body


8.     Easy efficient movement


The TIE program is becoming the exercise of choice for more and more people seeking a deeply balanced, evenly toned, healthy body – just as nature intended.

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Discovering TIE saved co-founder Monique Hennessy from years of chronic pain and major orthopaedic surgery.

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