Bad Posture Symptoms

Poor (bad) posture is the same as poor skeletal alignment.  When our alignment is poor, our bones and joints suffer …

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Posture in Pregnancy

Posture describes your skeletal alignment. I want you to check your own posture now as you read this blog.  Is …

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Core Exercises for Posture: Why TIE delves beyond the “Core”

‘Core’ training is about the deep muscles of the pelvis and shoulder girdle. Whilst I do not refer to these …

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How to Fix Hunchback Posture

What is Hunchback Posture? A hunchback posture is a ‘scary movie’ way of describing what is also known as a …

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How to fix rounded shoulders with posture training

Fixing rounded shoulders via posture training is the most effective way to target this musculoskeletal issue or misalignment of the …

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Do Posture Correctors Work?

Are you wondering whether or not to invest in a posture corrector device?  Will it be helpful? Will I go …

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