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Introduction to TIE is just the beginning of your body transformation. With regular TIE practice, you’ll develop your body’s natural strength, resilience and potential for wellbeing. Whether you’re aiming to drop a dress size or get moving after injury, choose from our wide range of programs to achieve your personal goals.


With your monthly membership you’ll have access to:


  • New programs every month – look forward to 18 brand new programs in your dashboard every month. This represents incredible value and variety, giving you all the tools you need to make TIE work for your body, lifestyle and goals.
  • The right workout every time – with 10 and 20 minute workouts to choose from, you can pick and mix programs to suit your daily schedule and body needs. Start the day right with a quick 10 minutes of TIE and slot in a longer workout later to target abs, breathing or flexibility.
  • Tailored programs just for you – not sure where to start? Get in touch with and we’ll help you design your very own workout based on all the latest programs. Or checkout our Community forum to get the best programs combos for lower back pain or a stubborn pot belly.

10 minute workout – 10 per month

Each month we’ll bring you a new 10 minute session for each of our 10 foundation postures, ideal for making time for TIE on your busier days. Or pick and mix from these shorter sessions to create your very own daily program.


20 minute programs – 8 per month

Every one of our 20 minute workouts is personally design by Dell-Maree to achieve specific goals for your body and lifestyle. Check your dashboard each month for a new program in these 8 categories:



In your TIE foundation course you’ve already started developing breathing techniques to get your abs firing correctly. In these workouts you’ll use your foundation postures, plus some new ones designed to strengthen every layer of your abdominal muscles. Watch your body shape transform and feel yourself sit, stand and move with perfect posture all day long.



These programs bring together all the best postures for giving you a strong and stable butt and lower back. By retraining all your lumbar and gluteal muscles to fire perfectly, you’ll be saying goodbye to chronic back pain and hello to the best booty you’ve ever had.



This program is my personal favourite. By including a Breathe and Transform workout at least once week, you can look forward to an amazing body and life transformation. Activating your muscles by correctly placing your anchoring bones is an extraordinary challenge with even more extraordinary results for your breathing, posture, movement and well-being. It’s an investment that’s guaranteed to pay-off no matter how fit or unfit, experienced or inexperienced, flexible or inflexible you are.



These programs will boost your breathing biomechanics to unlock new cardio performance potential. If running, cycling, swimming or working out is your thing, you’ll improve how well your joints are moving too, making you more efficient in all your physical endeavours. And if you’re not training for a triathlon or any other kind of challenge, your body will thank you for your Better Cardio sessions next time you climb the stairs or run for the bus.



If you’re Hypermobile, doing the splits and tying yourself up like a pretzel would have come easily to you in childhood. And basic yoga poses are probably just as easy for you now. But you may have suffered aches, pains and injuries thanks to your unstable joints. Getting more strength and better alignment in your skeleton and muscles is essential so this program is ideal for you.



Being less than flexible is often the status quo for our bodies, especially as we get older. And flexibility is just as important as stability. When you have limited range of movement in your joints, compressional forces can cause pain and injury. Rather than stretching one joint and group of muscles in isolation, TIE works with the connective tissue for your whole body. It’s a completely different approach to improving your flexibility and one that will help you stand taller and bring a feeling of space and comfort to your spine and all your joints.



Ever thought of having a neck or face lift, but not keen on the idea (or cost) of surgery? This program will activate the many muscles of your face and neck to tone up these areas and ensure you look years younger. Plus you’ll be working with your upper thoracic muscles to get your neck and spine nicely aligned, which will ease tension, giving you a lovely graceful posture as you walk, sit and stand. And if you suffer from neck and shoulder pain or headaches, these postures will also bring you relief.



If you’re pregnant or have recently given birth, TIE is a safe and effective way to work on your abs and pelvic floor. It can limit the impact of abdominal separation, giving you the strength you’re going to need for lifting and cuddling your baby. These workouts are quick and easy to work into your new routine as a busy Mama and you can even do some of the postures while breastfeeding.

TIE is the perfect, low-impact way to get strength and tone back into your body after birth without placing high demands on your time and energy. Plus it’s a great way to help you feel calm and energised as you adjust to a different way of living.

If you are 6 weeks post natal you can enjoy monthly programs in all our categories, including AMAZING ABS.



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