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I have just received a testimonial from a client who began TIE in all sorts of trouble. Her back issues had become increasingly acute and debilitating which was triggering more and more anxiety. She had stopped driving and after a decade of treatment and exercise with minimal benefit she was terrified of what the future held. Not great for any body but when you have a young son, I really felt for her.

Of course our bodies and minds are intricately interwoven and one of the biggest rewards I get from teaching TIE is seeing the whole person, body, mind and health transform in a few short months without equipment or duvalackies in just 20 minutes a day.

Amanda describes TIE as her “Movement Medicine” and I am chuffed with this description. Here’s her testimonial:

Try Tie, it really does works:-

I was referred to Dell-Maree and the practise of TIE after a misdiagnosed lower back problem worsened into acute pain, resulting in complete immobility on occasion, and not even able to drive myself to our first meeting!

Having always exercised, including regular Pilates, my ‘back episodes’ left me extremely anxious, to say the least.

At our introduction Dell-Maree identified my movement flaws and after offering assurances that I could be fixed my ‘reprogramming’ commenced. I now practise TIE daily, (my Movement Medicine), and with Dell-Maree’s guidance I’m enjoying the rewards. I’m now pain free and my confidence has returned, even resulting in a recent overseas trip.

I’m so very grateful, TIE works, it’s proven!

Join TIE today so you too can transform your body, mind, health AND the way you move.





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