(Suellen (Left) with her Oxfam Trail Walk Team Members at the finish line)



This week I want to share a good news story in the form of a letter from one my clients who has been doing TIE for about 2 years. This illustrates what I do and the amazing benefits of The Invisible Exercise.

Essentially, this is all about why I do what I do and LOVE teaching TIE.




Hi Dell-Maree,

I wanted to let you, other TIE members, and any potential TIE members out there, know what happened last weekend. I walked for approximately 13 hours, covering 57 KM up hill and down dale! And I felt amazing both during the walk and after.


A few years ago, I was booked in to have a hamstring reattachment operation to repair my hamstring that was, in the words of the medical profession, “literally hanging on by a thread”.  By that time, I had endured 10 years of pain and every step was painful and all other therapy and exercise had failed to help. As an absolute last resort before going in for the operation my GP told me she had heard about Dell-Maree Day and so off I went.  We both thought, “what have we got to lose?  Correction……we should have thought, “what did I have to gain”? Operation cancelled!


Last weekend I completed, along with 3 friends, the 57km Oxfam Walk.  Not only was it great to share this with my friends, but I completed the walk without a twinge in my hamstring, either during or after, and without a drug or painkiller in sight.   (Last time I tried anything like this I was dosed up on every drug known to man, and even then, I could barely walk or cope with the pain.)


I was nimble, agile and did the up and down of the walk with ease.  There were many times throughout the walk I felt like I was having an out of body experience.  I could hardly believe how fantastic I was feeling.  But it wasn’t an out of body experience, just the outcome of my 639 muscles working as a team and a truly deeply felt awesome outcome of TIE.


My regular TIE practice has completely changed my body in so many positive ways there are almost too many to list.   Thank-you Dell-Maree.  TIE truly is the most simple, powerful technique imaginable with results that just keep getting better.






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