How to fix rounded shoulders with posture training

Fixing rounded shoulders via posture training is the most effective way to target this musculoskeletal issue or misalignment of the human body. Having rounded shoulders is very common, often caused by hunching, holding stress and tension in the shoulders and rib cage, overuse of two or three upper body muscles causing non-optimal musculoskeletal alignment. Luckily it can be corrected. There’s no need for a brace or device to fix rounded shoulders. The Invisible Exercise is how you achieve good posture, an aligned and toned body from home, in just 20 minutes a day. 

What are rounded shoulders?

‘Rounded shoulders’ is a term used to describe when the shoulder blades (scapula) are sliding up the rib cage, towards the ears, and remaining in an elevated position.  The shoulder blade is meant to glide up the ribcage as our arm goes over our head. Similarly, when our arm returns down by the side, the shoulder blade is meant to glide naturally wide and down the ribcage.  That is the shoulder blade’s ‘resting’ or correct anatomical position – wide and gently down the ribcage, down your back.  So when the shoulder blade does not naturally glide back to its correct anatomical ‘resting position’, and remains elevated towards the ears, we have ‘rounded shoulders’. 

But before we look at what causes ‘rounded shoulders’, let me finish telling you the whole ‘bony story’. By ‘bony story’, I mean how the whole body is interconnected on a level you might not have considered before, and what this means for your posture and movement patterns (biomechanics). 

Given our body is truly and deeply connected via the connective tissue, it is rare that just one bone will have a poor resting position and therefore be displaced.  In fact the shoulder blade is only able to rest correctly wide and down the rib cage IF the rib cage itself is sitting correctly. This means that your 12 ribs are attaching to your 12 thoracic spine correctly, at the back, and your sternum correctly at the front.  This is only possible if your thoracic spine is stacked correctly, so it too is in the correct resting or anatomical position. This is only possible if your lumbar spine is in the correct resting or anatomical position.    

In short, ‘rounded shoulders’ is a misalignment of your skeleton that is a small part of a much bigger picture.  The shoulder blades resting position is utterly dependent on the position of your lumbar spine and all the bones of your thorax.

What is the cause of rounded shoulders?

The main cause of rounded shoulders is from muscle imbalance.

Muscle imbalance is the root cause of skeletal misalignment including ‘rounded shoulders’,  unless there is a serious medical condition.  We have 639 muscles and every single one of our muscles is critically and equally important.  When our 639 muscles act on the skeleton to place every bone and joint correctly and move every bone and joint correctly we have true muscle balance and harmony.  Anything less than that means we have muscle imbalance, and that simply means our bones are not being placed correctly. If we go about our day sitting, standing or moving off an unsound structure, poor skeletal alignment, poor posture, we simply cannot look, feel and move our best. It puts us at an increased risk of injury and exposes us to more muscle imbalance and unwanted aches and pains. 

What are the symptoms of rounded shoulders?

Rounded shoulders can cause much discomfort. Think – Aches, pains, injuries, tensions, restrictions, imbalances. It will impact day-to-day activities, including desired fitness and physical activity. It is impossible to perform at your best with poor posture and therefore, a misaligned body.

Can rounded shoulders be corrected?

Yes, most definitely. Most people will try to pull their shoulders back and down, do some stretching and strengthening of tight weak muscles, but sadly that is simply tinkering around the edges.  That will not reposition the other 42 bones, it is temporary and an ineffective long-term strategy or treatment.  We want your results to be long-lasting and often this type of approach causes more pain and discomfort in the body than it will help. If you are struggling with issues such as rounded shoulders, lower back, and shoulder pain, try The Introduction to TIE program, which will guide you through key exercises to realign your body and fix rounded shoulders.

The Invisible Exercise: An at-home Skeletal Workout, is a simple workout that teaches you how to work with 3 Key Bones.  As you place these key bones as many bones as possible naturally glide to a better anatomical position realigning your body.  Then we add a simple breathing technique which enables your nervous system to directly innervate your muscles.  This is akin to rebooting your computer.  
The more of The Invisible Exercise you do, the more innervated muscles you have the more your muscles place your 206 bones correctly. You will achieve a better resting skeleton and 360 healthy joints. Say goodbye to feeling as if you have to lift, suck, stretch, or hold your muscles. With TIE, you can achieve great skeletal alignment and posture, even muscle tone and balance and that means your scapula can glide up and down your rib cage with ease.

What exercises can fix rounded shoulders?

20 minutes of The Invisible Exercise, a complete skeletal Workout each day, means you can relax, watch and feel your body improve. This will reign especially true in your spine, thorax and shoulder blade.  Within 6 weeks you will feel your muscles firing correctly for you, your spine will begin to stack correctly, naturally from the posture exercises, and you will be able to move your body with ease.  You won’t have to stress about fixing this bit or that. Forget the nitty-gritty, stressful details. Let TIE handle it for you.  Within 12 weeks you will have no doubt that working directly with your skeleton to realign your body is the simplest, most comprehensive workout that achieves a healthy spine, great posture, and whole new freedom and balance in your body. 

Muscles that fire correctly for you, transform your body and your life.

The Invisible Exercise featuring The Skeletal Workout is the simplest, safest way to ensure your muscles fire correctly for you to achieve your best spine, joints and posture.  Your scapula will rest wide and down your back without you thinking or trying.   It simply can’t not.

August 24, 2020




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